Participant Information Sheet


Project Title: The Infinite Game

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Niki Harré, School of Psychology, University of Auckland


You are invited to take part in an Infinite Game workshop. The workshop has been designed to give you insight into your life and the social structures you are part of. I am also wishing to use the information from the workshop in a research project. Dr Idil Gaziulusoy, a researcher at the University of Melbourne is also involved. The research has three aims. First to develop the game workshop into a more useful tool, second to document the process of developing the workshop and third to document how finite and infinite games function in people’s lives.

The research element will involve Niki taking notes during the workshop. The notes will focus on the game itself in order to improve it. I will also note down any insights into how these games operate in people’s lives. This may include writing down some of what you say.

The workshop will take 90 minutes. There is no extra time required for the research itself. You do not have to agree to be part of the research. If you wish to participate in the workshop, but not in the research, I will ensure that your research materials are destroyed immediately after the game and that I do not take any notes concerning you. You may be more comfortable not taking part in the workshop at all. You may also withdraw at any stage of the workshop. If you wish to withdraw your workshop materials or any notes that may have been written about you, you may do so by contacting Niki within two weeks of the workshop. My contact details are at the end of this information sheet. If it is more than two weeks since the workshop, I will do my best to remove your contribution, but it may not be possible to do so. It will not be possible to remove anything you have contributed that is included in any summaries or analyses of the workshops. All names will be changed when the notes are transcribed on the computer.

All data will be stored indefinitely within password protected files on the researchers’ computers at the university or at home. We wish to keep the data indefinitely in case it is useful for further studies. Any materials from the game will be destroyed once entered onto a computer using a confidential document destruction bin. If you would like to receive a summary of the research and be on a database to receive updates on any reports and other outputs from this project please indicate this on your consent form.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Niki -  School of Psychology, The University of Auckland, Tel: (09) 923 8512, Email: or her Head of School:  Professor William Hayward, Tel: (09) 373 7599 ext. 85262, Email: If you have any concerns of an ethical nature you can contact the Chair of the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland.  Ph: 09 373 7599, extn  87830.


Approved by The University Of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 4/6/13

for three years until  4/6/16. Reference Number 9679.