Niki can offer a 45 - 60 minute interactive talk that gives participants a taste of the infinite game. The talk is designed to be provocative and fun, leaving participants thinking about the games being played around them and the kind of player they would like to be.

Workshops can take one and a half to three hours. They provide participants with an opportunity to experience the infinite game in play and time for reflection and discussion. The basic workshop has a game-like structure and players generate playing cards and populate a playing board. The object is for participants to re-view current social structures through an infinite game lens, and play with new possibilities for living well together.

With a longer workshop, we can also consider the finite games played by your organisation, network or community and how these can be adjusted (or subverted!) to keep the infinite game in play.

With 40 people or fewer it is best if it is in a room in which chairs can be arranged in a circle with an open space in the middle. There are no AV requirements, although with a very large group (40+), it is useful to be able to show slides to guide the process. 

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