Deep democracy

No one is so rich or powerful that they are immune to the rootlessness, loss of meaning and loss of love that accompanies

flattening all values to material values,

uprooting people in the name of economic growth,

losing the big stories that tell us of our place within historical communities of memory and hope.


Worldwide, people express an urgent need for faith, hope and charity,

for the life-reviving experience of guiding ideals within functioning communities,

for the prophetic sense that justice will come


And for advancing toward that day together in friendship and meaning.


The time is right for rebuilding the public square,

for a democratic deepening of our hearts and minds,

for shaping our diverse lives within and toward the Beloved Community.


Concepts and most words by Judith Green, from her book Deep Democracy. Selected, paraphrased and arranged by Niki Harre.


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