Workshops provide participants with an opportunity to experience playing the infinite game. The basic workshop has a game-like structure and players generate playing cards and populate a playing board. The object is for participants to experience the value of this metaphor in understanding current social structures and how individuals, organisations and communities can disrupt these structures and play with new possibilities for living well together.

You can download a manual to run your own workshop or request that Niki runs a workshop for you. 

This was the thing missing from the rest of our lives. The place in us where hope resided, the useful myth from which we drew the will and wisdom to build real communities and live more deliberate lives. This ultimately, is the point of a belief system or faith or useful mythology, whatever name you give it and whether or not you think of it as divine: it allows you to abide the routine stuff of life with grace, clarity, even joy. To see how it’s all connected, how it all matters – and to see why the routine must change if we intend to carry on.
— Chris Turner